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Maps & brochures

Within the town there are many interesting recreation areas and hiking trails.  In the attached map from 2004 one has a suggestion of some routes but as the town has grown and extended routes since then - don't let it limit your choices and have a look also on this up to date biking and hiking map where one can browse for options within and around town.

For a version of a town map in colour or black&white to design your own route.

In the Icelandic brochure "Frá torgi til fjöru" (From Town Center to old Town) the town's history is presented through a walk from the old center to the new center with a map of the walk and displaying some notable houses along the route. On this route you will find plenty of information boards with information in English.

Walking brochure of Akureyri "Leið A" also in Icelandic, pointing out some remarkable buildings in the town center and the old part of town. 

Map of the main recreation area of Akureyri: The woodland "Kjarnaskógur", Campsite area Hamrar and Outdoor area Naustaborgir - all popular recreational areas with a selection of tracks and playgrounds see this map.  

The town has several outdoor recreational areas and below you find several maps for these areas. The woodland Kjarnaskógur, Hvammur and Naustaborgir and the Campsite area Hamrar - all popular recreational areas with a selection of tracks, playgrounds and picnic areas.

Kjarnaskógur woods, Hamrar, Hvammur and Naustaborgir - big map 
Cross Country ski tracks

On the App "Wapp" are available maps and information about different hikes in Akureyri and surroundings. For example the hike up to Mt. Súlur. The route to Súlur is for free and also several other routes while some cost a small fee. By downloading the app and have the route on the phone one can always see where the tracks are, your position on the route and information about the route.  The App can be found on the following links.