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Oddeyri by the sea

If you don't have a lot of time but would still like to get a feel for the town of Akureyri, take this short walk through the old neighbourhood of Oddeyri by the sea. With its charming old houses, outdoor artwork and stunning view of Eyjafjörður fjord and the mountains on the sides, this route will give you a taste of what Akureyri is all about.

Starting at the town square, Ráðhústorg. you walk east, towards the sea. You will pass Hof, the cultural centre, on your right. The circular concert hall is certainly impressive but it has nothing on the view over the Eyjafjörður fjord.

Continue the whole way down to the harbor area of Oddeyri, along the coast path, crossing the small bridge just before entering the harbor area. From the harbor area cross the street and follow Strandgata again towards the town on it's north side, cross the Hjalteyrargata and by Hríseyjargata, turn right.

Follow Hríseyjargata into the residential neighbourhood. This is one of the oldest parts of town and the delightful old houses are painted in every colour of the rainbow. Many of the houses here feature the classic stone tins that cover many of Akureyri oldest houses. By Eiðsvallargata turn left and follow it to it's end. On the way you pass the Eiðsvöllur park, with trees, flowers and benches and Disc golf.
By Glerárgata turn left and cross the street by Gránufélagsgata, pass the city hall and when reaching the street Brekkugata you will see the Library on the right.  Here we turn left and close the walk when entering the town square Ráðhústog again.

If you have time to spare, you can continue walking south along the coastal path. Not only can you admire the view of Eyjafjörður fjord and the surrounding mountains but the path features plenty of outdoor artwork as well. 

The signboards on this walk are:  









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Further info

Distance: 1.9 km / miles

Total time: 20 min

Start/End point: Ráðhústorg square

Terrain: Asphalt

Parking: Hof culture house/Downtown

Interesting sights: Hof culture center, art, the sea, interesting houses, disc golf