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Food for heart

Food for heart

Join us in North Iceland around summer solstice for a series of events!

We (Arnbjorg, Harpa and Fanney) have been diving into our cultural heritage in Iceland, such as our old poetry, language, the land, nature, who we are, roots, a few mysteries and hearts. Inspired by all of this we have written our own songs and will also be performing songs from the old poets that had a beautiful way of weaving our language into poetry.


We are friends and have connected regularly in a meditative space for over a year and more frequently now to see what arises leading up to these events. First event is located on the island Grimsey that is up by the Arctic circle. The most northern part of our land. The second one is located in the heart of our fjord we live by and is called Hrísey. And the third one is in Akureyri, a quiet town, full of artistic magical people who keep inspiring US every day with their quiet wisdom. If you like depth in a simple way that surpasses a conversation, you will love it up here. I at least do for now.

Wednesday, June 24
Lystigarður Akureyrar, Eyrarlandsvegur, Akureyri
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