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Krossanesborgir Reserve Area

The area Krossanesborgir was made a sanctuary in 2005. It consists of many rock formations, made of basalt which is about 5-10 million years old. Most of the rocks are formed by the icecap covering the area during the ice age about 10 thousand years ago. Between the rocks one can find moors and ponds. Vegetation is rich in the area and consists of around 200 different plants. The area also has a variated birdlife, over 27 different birds or about 35% of all Icelandic birds nest in the area.

In 2014 new information boards were made to be set up along hiking paths in the area, the boards can be viewed below:

Map of area
Irrigational Canal
Birds - Ducks
Trees and busches 
Birds - Moorland Birds 
Desolate farm of Lónsgerði
Birds - Ptarmigan 
Birds - Gulls 
The Occupation, World War II 
Plants - moorland

The best way to get direct to Krossanesborgir is to take a taxi. It is also possible to take bus number 3 and go out at Hlíðarbraut or Miðsíða and walk from there. It will take about 20 minutes.

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Road Description:
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65.702636, -18.137275 (65° 42.158'N, 18° 8.236'W)

Road name:
1 & Óðinsnes

Distance from town Centre:
3.5 km