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Krossanesborgir is a nature reserve north of Akureyri, that allows you for a soft walk by the sea, and chances for bird watching in summer. Popular among locals for berry picking in autumn.
Accessible all year long, but in winter might be challenging after a strong snowfall. 

Krossanesborgir is an area with many rockformations north of Akureyri. The area recived a official status as a nature reserve in 2005. In the area there is 5-10 million year old basalt, which forms the bedrock of Akureyri. The vast majority of the rockformations are more or less how the Ice Age glacier left them about 10,000 years ago. They lie in irregular rows and clusters, but between them there are usually marsh channels, and ponds in some of them. There is a lot of vegetation in the ponds in the area, especially Dáknatjörn, where many nycra species grow, including the rare langnykra. The vegetation in the area is diverse and around 190 plant species have been found there,. This is about 40% of all Icelandic flowering plants and shrubs. Bird life is diverse, about 27 species of birds breed there, or about 35% of all Icelandic bird species.Source: homepage of the Environment Agency .

Access: Car parking is by Óðinsnes (just a little further down the road from the exit to Byko store).

In 2014 several information boards were installed along the tracks in the reserve as well as map of trails:
Map of hiking trails
Overview information board
Canal for water supply
Wet area plants
Tree and bushes 
Deserted farm Lónsgerði
War remnants 
Wet area plants

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Further info

Distance: 4Km / 2.5miles

Total time: 60min

Start/End point: Óðinsnes (Byko)

Terrain: Nature trail

Parking: Óðinsnes (Byko)

Interesting sights: Birdlife, rock formations, nature, fjord view