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Parking is for free - Remember the clock

Parking in Akureyri is free of charge everywhere, but you can only stay for short amounts of time between 10 and 16h on work days (Monday till Fridays) in Downtown Area (see map). Colours indicate different limits or no limites e.g. Blue = 2 hours, Pink = 1 hour, Brown = 15 minutes, Dark Green = Free, other colours indicate some restrictions or limits e.g. prepayed parking, handicap parking ect. Check for signes in each area as the time limit might be subject to change!

Parking areas have maximum parking times displayed. You must indicate the time of arrival in your windshield/dashboard and if you exceed the maximum parking (or try to cheat by setting the clock ahead of the actual time) you run the risk of a fine. Value of the fine in 2021 is 3090 isk.

How to indicate the time of arrival? Any piece of paper with clear writing will do, but clock-cards are available for free in banks, info-centers, hotels, petrol-stations and many shops in Akureyri.

The Downtown Area parking allowance ranges from 15 minutes up to 2 hours.

For fine appelations, here.   

If you get a parking ticket, you get 33% discount if you pay within 3 working days.

Here are the ways to pay:

  1. The ticket can be paid by cashier in any Icelandic bank (recommended).
  2. If you have an Icelandic online bank and want to pay within 3 working days, you can do so by choosing Payment/Transactions – Payment slips/Bills. Then write the bill information (OCR information at bottom of slip) just as it is. In the last field write 4101696229, which is the ID/SSN number of Akureyrarbær and click Continue. If filled out correctly you now get the amount with discount to pay.
  3. If the ticket is not paid within 3 working days from violation date, it will be visible as an unpaid bill in the car owner’s online bank.