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Green Akureyri

Green Waste Management

It is very important to correctly separate used packaging and leftovers so that it can be processed correctly and turned into a new product or energy. Most hotels have recycling bins and there are also a couple of recycling bins down-town. Furthermore, there are 11 recycling stations in Akureyri where you can drop off your sorted waste. The stations have containers for: plastic packaging, paper, newspaper and magazines, cardboard packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging, small batteries, candle leftovers and used cooking oil. Find your nearest recycling station here.

Green Transport

Distances are relatively short in Akureyri and it is easy to get around by foot or bicycle. The local bus is free of charge and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great service.

Green basket

In 2009, a composting plant was built in Akureyri making the goal of a total ban for putting organic waste in to landfill realistic. To ensure the result, every household gets a green basket for organic waste, free of charge. With the composting process, biodegradable waste from households and industries in the area is converted into high-nutrient soil for use as fertiliser. The composting plant is operated by a Public/Private company called Molta. The process consists of 6 large drums where the waste is digested for 9-12 days in a continuous aerobic process. Once ready, the compost is moved outside the building and collected there. Nameplate production capacity of the plant is 12.000 tons of compost annually, but the plant only reaches its max capacity during the sheep slaughtering season in autumn.

Green Energy

All heating in Akureyri arrives from geothermal hot water that is extracted from boreholes (100% renewable) and all electricity is produced with either hydropower or geothermal power (100% renewable). The latest powerplant was opened in 2018 in Glerá, called Glerárvirkjun 2. The energy output is 3,3 MW with annual production equivalent to the use of one electric car for each home in Akureyri.

Green parking and charging points

There are special parking places in the city which are only meant for vehicles that use clean local energy. Those who wish to use the parking places can park the car in a green parking place for an unlimited amount of time. The green parking places are by the shopping center Glerártorg, the Town Hall (Geislagata 9), Skipagata, Hafnarstræti (across the street from the restaurant Bautinn), by the Cultural Center Hof and The University of Akureyri.

Green activities

Kjarnaskógur is one of the most popular outdoor area in Akureyri, around 800 hectares. In the forest you will find three playgrounds, a volleyball court, toilettes, barbecue facilities, and during the winter you can go cross-country skiing in the forest. In Kjarnaskógur there is also the first specially designed mountain bike track in the country.

Green Consumption

In Akureyri you can find a selection of second hand and vintage stores.

Green Tips

Recycle your waste: In Akureyri you will have no problem sorting your waste. Most hotels have recycling bins and there are also a couple of recycling bins down-town. If you are staying for a longer period and perhaps in a private apartment is should also be no trouble for you to recycle. There are 11 recycling stations in Akureyri where you can bring your waste. It is best to pre-sort your waste before bringing it to the recycling station. See recycling stations here: