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Winter holiday (February)

In February most schools in Iceland have a winter break. Akureyri is a popular destination during these holidays. Families come to Akureyri for skiing, for a swim and a slide in Akureyri geothermal pool or to enjoy good food and relaxation in the winter scenery. Most schools are on winterholiday from 19th-23rd. February 2023 (in Akureyri it is 14-16th February)

Information regarding the different activities available in Akureyri and surrounding areas can be found here and events are listed in the event calender. (check also on the icelandic version as there tend to be listed more event's there)

Below there are general information regarding all kinds of activities available for families and also a overview of opening hours and activities during wintertime in town.

  • Mt. Hlíðarfjall Ski Area. Go skiing with the family.  Details regarding opening hours, ski rental, ski classes and much more visit the web page www.hlidarfjall.is/en. More ski areas are in the area - check here for more info: Skarðsdalur by Siglufjörður, Dalvík Ski Area and tours on Mt. Kaldbak with Groomer.  
  • Cross Country trails Several crosscountry areas are close by: Mt Hlíðarfjalli, Kjarnaskógur, Hamrar, Naustaborgir, Golf Course and the trail between  Akureyri and Hrafnagil
  • Mountain skiing and Off Pist Skiing are popular outdoor activities in the area (view here).
  • Kjarnaskógur forest. Hiking and cross country trails through the woods and several playgrounds. A big sledge slope below the parking at the top of the hill.  Several parking areas in the woods and also at Hamrar Camping which is connected to the woods. Parking is found in several places in the woods and also two toilet-buildings. For maps visit here.
  • Hrísey island. The island is 20 minutes drive from Akureyri and 15 minutes ferry ride. A ferry every 2 hours aprox. Enjoy a hike through the village, a beach treasure hunt, a visit at the local geothermal pool, store or restaurant. Further information can be found at the islands web page www.hrisey.is
  • Swimming - a visit to Akureyri Geothermal pool is a must with its different pools, slides and hot tubs and sauna. For further information look here. 
    The Forest Lagoon just about 3 km from Akureyri. Also in the area one can find other pools and lagoons: Hrafnagili, Þelamörk, Beer Spa, Geo Sea and Nature Baths.  
  • Sledge slopes. Several popular sledge slopes can be found in town. The most popular one is in the neighborhood Lundarhverfi, called Jólasveinabrekkan or Santa's slope.  The slope is luminated. Easiest access to the slope is to drive in the street Brálundur, the slope is at the end of the street on the left side. Another popular slope is in neighborhood Giljahverfi with best access from Vættagil or Valagil street. The slope is at the end of Vættagil, the slope is luminated. The biggest slope in town is in the woodland Kjarnaskógur.
  • Skating The skating rink is open Fridays to Sundays from 13 - 16 & Skate Disco Fridays from 19-21. Skates can be rented on site. Preebooking of entrance and skate rental can be made on www.skauta.is
  • Hof Cultural and Conference house is open kl. 8-18 weekdays and 12-16 Saturdays. Art exhibitions, design store Kista and events, for further details visit their web page
  • Hikingtrails - in Akureyri and close surrounding there are several hiking and walking options for most.
  • Folf (frisbígolf). Enjoy a refreshing game with frisbee golf, four fields are in Akureyri and one in Hrísey are vailable. For further information look here.
  • Skatepark. Braggaparkið is a indoor skate park. The facility is for skateboards, scooters, BMX and rollerblades. Open weekdays from 14:00-19:00 and 12.00 - 19.00 Saturdays and Sundays. 
  • Indoor Golf. Fancy to play golf indoor? Openinghours 09.00-21.00 weekdays (Fridays open till kl.19.00) and 10.00-17.00 during weekends. Prise ISK 1000 for adults and free for children younger than 18 years.
  • Snowshoeing - for those enjoying hiking - snowshoe hikes is a fun option and opens up new possibilities for outdoor activity. You can rent a pair of snowshoes and plan your own adventure or joine a organized tour! For rental prices and contact information look here 
  • Dart - for throwing darts Akureyri Darts Club have open hours in the Laugargata sportshall. It is open to the public on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 19.30 – 22.00. See details here
  • Bouldering / Climbing Gym The climbing gym is located in the old factory at Hjalteyri, 15-20 minutes away from Akureyri. This is the largest indoor climbing facility in the north of Iceland, offering a wide variety of bouldering problems. For more details look here. 
  • Shopping. Main shopping areas (view here) are in the center of Akureyri, Glerártorg Shopping Mall, Kaupangur, Sunnuhlíð and then other shopping can be found in various places in town. Looking for outdoor stores - most are found here.
  • Interesting Places: In Akureyri we reccomend having a walk through The Old Town enjoy the old colorfull buildings and visit some of the Museums. It is always enjoyable to walk through the Botanical Gardens, even in wintertime. Akureyri Church is one of the most notable building in town and while walking up the stairs - try to count how many they are. The path along the coastline called Strandstígurinn is popular all year around and can be combined with a visit in the old town.  Also a drop by at Hof Cultural and Conference Center can be reccomended and take a selfie-by the traffic light which stands close to Hof in a safe place - away from traffic just south of Hof.  The red light has a heart and the light is always red - so you don't have to wait for it to change colour.  In the Art Street /Listagilinu there are exhibitions, shops and restaurant/cafée and bar. Take a picture of your loved ones in the hart in center of town before heading upp the Art Street.  The heart can be moved so you can select which background you prefere. 
  • Do you want to travel a bit further? Then we can reccomend visiting the island Hrísey (25 minutes driving and a ferry in about 2 hours intervalls, 15 min sailing to Hrísey), a circle in Akureyri Countryside "Eyjafjarðarsveit" with a visit at the Christmas garden. Option of doing different circles the shortest beeing about 20 km. A bit further one can visit the waterfall Goðafoss 35 km (via the tunnel)/51 (Mountainpass Víkurskarð),  Lake Mývatn 83 km (tunnel)/99 km (mountainpass Víkurskarð), Waterfall Dettifoss 135 km, Ásbyrgi 138 km, Húsavík 75 km (tunnel)/91 km (mountainpass Víkurskarð), Dalvík 44 km, Ólafsfjörður 61 km, Siglufjörður 77 km, Hjalteyri 25 km or Gásir 14 km On this link you can find descriptions, information, maps and more of these places and many more.
  • Whales, Huskyes, Horses and other animals - There are many whales in the fjord by Akureyri and several companies offering tours to see them. Whale Watching Akureyri is providing daily departures from the harbour below town center and tours are normaly about 3 hours. A short distance from Akureyri one can visit husky dogs, several horserentals are in the area and in the valley Fnjóskadalur there is a Petting Zoo at the farm Daladýrð which is in about 20 min driving from Akureyri. A place to enjoy the compani of all the usual icelandic farmanimals as horses, cheep, cows, dog, goats, pigs, hens, rabits and cats.

Visit a Museum

  • Motorbike museum Open Saturdays and Sundays at 13-16. Price 1500 ISK, free for 12 years and younger
  • Hælið the great white plague Center Closed vinterholiday 2023.
  • Akureyri Museum and Nonni houseThe Museum is open daily from 13-16. Price 2000 ISK, free for children under 18 years.  
  • Akureyri Art Museum Exhibitions are open daily 12-17. Guided tour of the exhibition each Thursday at 12.
    Price 1900 ISK, Free for children under 18 years. 
  • Icelandic Aviation Museum Open Saturdays 13.00 - 16.00 but during winterholiday 2023 also open 23-26. February (Thursday - Sunday) 13-16.00. Price 1500 ISK, free for children under 18 years.
  • Industry Museum The Museum which contains the rich industry history of the area is open weekdays 13-16. Price 1500 ISK, free for 17 and younger. 
  • Akureyri Library All kinds of books, board games, DVD's. Open Monday - Friday 8.15-19.00 and Saturday 11.00-16.00. 

Other ideas for the family during the winterholidays:

  • Information about different activities for the whole family can be found here and check the event calender here