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The first day of summer - is today

Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
Photo: María H. Tryggvadóttir
"Sumardagurinn fyrsti" is an Icelandic term that translates to "the first day of summer" in English. In Iceland, the first day of summer is not determined by the weather but by the Old Norse calendar, which only recognizes two seasons: summer and winter.
This day always falls on the first Thursday after April 18th. The tradition has been observed for centuries and is celebrated with various events and festivities across the country, as well as the tradition of giving children a "summer gift." It marks the official beginning of the summer season in Iceland, despite the fact that the weather may not yet feel particularly summery.
To commemorate this occasion, we have chosen to publish a summer photo from last year. Although the weather is pleasant today, we still have a few days to go before the landscape turns green in town 😉