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Fjallaloft 2020

Fjallaloft 2020

Tereza Kociánová sýnir málverk

Fjallaloft 2020
In the cycle of paintings I would like to show imagination of memorising of the landscape of Icelandic nature. I tried put together layers of the observers memories (observers memories are memories recollected form a perspective outside outselves, a third-person point of view). Painted mountains and hills does not have any reflection in the fact. The viewer couldn't identify if the painted picture is a recall or if is it just an unknown no-name landscape. Pastel colours mixed with neon accent are building and breaking in the same time in a strange point of view on perspective. Nothing is real but we feel deep inside that hills around us are so familiar, so known. Are those mountains from the surrounding horizon from our childhood? Dreamy hills build from the sand on the playground, where we were playing as a kids... Abstract becoming realistic, memories becoming reality. Space around us is full of beautiful elements and also empty in same time.
It is like dusty memories from childhood.

Tereza Kociánová was born in Czech republic, she studied in Slovakia and Poland, curently living in Iceland.

Visual and mixed textile artist, most of artwork based on inspiration from landscape and relation between the human and nature. Never ending searching of new possibilities and a way how to express yourself, giving reason to make art= breathing.

23. maí - 2. júní
Mjólkurbúðin, Kaupvangsstræti 12, Akureyri
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