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Illugastaðir-Sörlastaðir: Skíðaganga

Illugastaðir-Sörlastaðir: Skíðaganga

Ferðafélag Akureyrar

Illugastaðir-Sörlastaðir: Skiing

Departure at 8 am on private cars from FFA, Strandgata 23.Travel control: Ingvar Teitsson
Drive to Fnjóskárbrú at Illugastaðir and walk in Fnjóskadalur past the deserted farms to Sörlastaðir, where it is about 10 km walk.
Same way back. Along the way, stories of the area will be told, admiring the magnificent views in the front part of Fnjóskadalur.
Distance total 19-20 km. Hike 90 m.Price: 3.000/4.500.
Included: Cruise control.

The estimated time of travel is only a guideline and depends on the group and the circumstances at any given time.

laugardagur, mars 18
Strandgata 23, Akureyri
3.000 kr./4.500 kr.