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Nípá í Út-Kinn-Náttfaravíkur: Fjallahjólaferð á rafhjóli

Nípá í Út-Kinn-Náttfaravíkur: Fjallahjólaferð á rafhjóli

Ferðafélag Akureyrar

Nípá in Út-Kinn-Náttfaravík: Mountain bike trip on an electric bike

Departure at 8 in private cars from FFA, Strandgatu 23.
Guide: Stefán Sigurðsson
Drive to Nípá in Út-Kinn with bikes on trailers. Then we set off from Nípá, cycle up a rough jeep trail and behind the mountain Bakranga. The path then leads to Purkánn, cross it on a bridge and end well above Náttfaravík. Lots of views to the east and south. On this route there are cracks that you have to ride/wade over. This is a ride for those who have considerable experience with electric mountain bikes. Since the rise is considerable at both ends, you have to consider electricity consumption. Those who have a bike rack use it, others can have the bikes transported on a bike trailer.
Total distance 37 km. Elevation about 1000 m.
Price: 5,000/6,500. Included: Tour guide and transport of bikes on a bike trailer for those who need it.

sunnudagur, ágúst 20
Strandgata 23, Akureyri
5.000 kr. / 6.500 kr.