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Welcome to the Pool

Akureyri Geothermal Pool will re-open next Monday (18th May), but it has been closed since 24th March due to COVID-19.

Arctic Tern by the Arctic Circle

The first arctic terns of the season were spotted in Grímsey yesterday.


The beauty of the springtime, courtship rituals, nest building, mating, nesting and the first eggs.

A bit back to Normal

Sunny days, warm winds and the grass is turning green.

Guest instagrammer

Berglind H. Helgadóttir

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Hi, my name is Berglind H. Helgadóttir and I live in Akureyri with my husband. I love outdoor activities, nature and travelling and I'm rarely seen without my camera. For the next few weeks I will show you Akureyri through my eyes.

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How to get here

  • The flight from Reykjavík to Akureyri takes about 40 minutes and 4-5 hours to drive. The city busses are free of charge and we have no parking meters, just remember to get a parking-clock, available at the tourist information in HOF, at banks, some shops and gasoline stations. 

    The Road to Akureyri